RF, Coaxial, & Microwave Components

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PRF-DCB1MFIO-18Inner/OuterSMA M-F200.01-18 GHz 1.35:1Stainless Steel/Passivated
200.01-18 GHz 
1.35:1Stainless Steel/Passivated
PRF-DCB1MFI-23InnerSMA M-F100.01-23 GHz1.35:1
Stainless Steel/Passivated
PRF-DCB2MFIO-18Inner/OuterType N M-F200.01-18 GHz1.35:1
Stainless Steel/Passivated
PRF-DCB2MFI-18InnerType N M-F200.01-18 GHz
Stainless Steel/Passivated
PRF-DCB4MFIO-18Inner/OuterTNC M-F200.0-18 GHz1.35:1
Stainless Steel/Passivated
PRF-DCB4MFI-18InnerTNC M-F200.01-18 GHz1.35:1
Stainless Steel/Passivated
PRF-DCB10MFI-26Inner2.9MM M-F200.01-26.5 GHz1.35:1Stainless Steel/Passivated
PRF-DCB10MFI-40Inner2.9MM M-F200.01-40 GHz1.45:1Stainless Steel/Passivated
PRF-DCB22MFI-50Inner2.4MM M-F100.01-50GHz1.65:1Stainless Steel/Passivated

DC Blocks

 DC Blocks are primarily used in applications to inject/remove DC currents or voltages in RF circuits without affecting the RF signal through the main transmission path. DC Blocks RoHS compliant, INNER,  & INNER/OUTER DC Blocks cover wireless band applications from 0.10 – 50 GHz. Available in N,  TNC, SMA, 2.9mm & 2.4MM,  making them ideal for eliminating unwanted DC voltages or surges to tower top amplifiers or sensitive lab equipment. 

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